Lines of unprocessed thought.

the end and the beginning.

I am the best version of myself.

And if I am not liked for it, then one should not expect me to change.

Goodbye, and hello.

Well. He got what he wanted. Someone who thought he was ‘magical’ and ‘incredible’ and above all better than anyone else in the world.

He got, a child.

He’ll grow, he’ll probably aspire to greatness. Only to have someone who could never fully understand the epic proportions at which that comes.


Sam Sure - Hunger

Beautiful song I discovered on soundcloud the other day by Sam Sure. Up and coming artist from London! He’s a doll!


It is indeed astonishing how quickly people can forget, but equally so in the sense that people will never forget.

But the most depressing of all, is when one remembers, and the other forgets.

Day 7 & 8:

Sooooo I have to figure out a better schedule for working out because yesterday I went swimming with my friends (good for the joints). But I was so tired by the time I got home that I completely passed out.
I didn’t eat the best either…

So starting today I’m doing a vegan diet. Veggies, fruits, legumes, and rice. Soy protein will be my source of carbs and protein. I need to shed this weight! Yesterday we played with an underwater camera and the pictures of me were not flattering.

This morning I slept in on accident. Too bad too! It was raining! And that’s my favorite weather to run in :(

So tonight I’ll make up for lost time. Make sure I feel he burn and I reap the benefits tomorrow morning!

Day 6:

Today was supposed to be my day back on working out. Unfortunately I worked from 10:30 am to 1am. Tomorrow means an extra good workout! Gotta make up for this day.
However I think I walked about 10 miles at work today… Haha.
My diet wasn’t the greatest. Back to routine tomorrow.

Day 5/6:

I decided to make Friday and Saturday my relaxing days.
Tomorrow we start back up! Whoop whoop!

Day 5: AM

This morning I was extremely tired, so I decided that I’ll be training after work, and before bed tonight.

My breakfast was a Greek yogurt and strawberry/banana/granola/almost parfait. And coffee.

Yum. :) I feel great today.

Day 4: PM

Today I had to work a double, so I had to run outside tonight in the rain.
Which sounded terrible, but it was actually the best run I’ve had all week! The wind was nice and cool, it was only drizzling a bit and it was still warm and humid.
During my run I only stopped twice to walk. I ran a mile in a little over 8.5 minutes too :) okay so I jogged. But I was keeping my heart rate up.

Did 50 lunges, 40 pushups, and 10 high jumps.

After I was finished with the high jumps I felt like I was going to pass out because I drove through all of tonights training pretty fast. So I’m holding off on the crunches tonight. (I wanted to, trust me, but this was a judgement call).

Had a lovely h2o and soy protein “shake” after I was done and did some soothing yoga flow outside.

I got headphones that actually stay in my ears, an armband, and a waist belt for back support and posture.

Overall, it was a great way to end day 4!

Oh and for dinner I had a turkey, avocado and lettuce wrap. It was yummy.

I had a red bull earlier because I was about to pass out…. And then coffee…. But it got me through work which is kinda a priority so its all good. Next time I’ll have something healthier though. Gotta plan ahead better.


Day 4: AM

Well this morning sucked. My left hip hurt when j was running (joint pain?) And I couldn’t get rid of the cramps in my right side so I walked for the majority of my morning mile.
Only did 20/20/20 crunches, 20 pushups 20 high jumps and 25 lunges. I’ll do 40 of each tonight to make up for it.
Saturday couldn’t come sooner! I need some recovery time. Gotta push through tomorrow though.